How to Make E-liquids for E-cigarettes from the Scratch

E-liquids for e-cigarettes are a mixture of diluents, flavour concentrate and nicotine. By mixing these three components to the accurate ratios, even idiots can produce their own distinctive strengths, flavours, and often save a considerable amount of money by mixing their own e-liquids with nicotine.

Here is a complete guide of how to make your own e-liquids for e-cigarettes from the beginning.
Ingredients needed for making E-liquids for e-cigarettes
For you to get started on smooth note, you must first get the following ingredients ready:
Empty containers of bottles
Gloves (to be used for handling Nicotine)
Propylene Glycol
Vegetable Glycerin
A Measuring Jug
You can get these ingredients from some of the available e-liquid vendors.
Word of Warning
Nicotine is a chemical that needs to be handled with caution when you are mixing your e-liquids with nicotine. Consequently, use gloves at all times you are handling nicotine. In case this powerful ingredient for making e-juice mistakenly spill on you, make sure you wash it off very well and seek medical advice immediately, if you feel that you are not well.
It is suggested that you should not include nicotine in your mixes, if you are just getting into vaping but have never been a smoker.
Calculating the Ingredients for Your E-liquid
Now that you have all the components ready for mixing, you need to calculate the ingredients to get the actual quantity you will need. You can use the e-juice calculator or your own favourite calculator.
For the purpose of this discussion, let us make 30ml e-liquids with nicotine with nicotine strength of 36mg. The mix will be 70pg with 30vg blend, making use of 5 percent flavouring.
Does this process sound difficult? Not at all, because you will have an idea of how much ingredient you will require adding, if you put those values into the calculator.
In this example given, you will require:
o 1.5ml of flavouring
o 9ml of VG diluents
o 6.17ml PG diluents
o Nicotine juice 36 mg (100% PG) – 13.33ml
Preparing Your E-juice
It is now time to make our e-liquids for e-cigarettes as we have known the mixture of each ingredient we need for the production. Pick up your rubber gloves and mix the ingredient up right away.
First and foremost, fill your syringe up and put the PG and VG inside an empty bottle. After that, add the flavouring and nicotine last. Cover your mixture and shake very well after putting all the ingredients in the bottle. A number of people vape their mixes immediately, however it is advisable that you allow them settle down in a warm place for some weeks. This is referred to as steeping.
There is nothing difficult in mixing your own e-liquids for e-cigarettes. Once you get the ingredients ready, get your e-juice calculator and compute the required quantity of the ingredients that you will require for a particular production. Doing the mixture yourself will save you some bucks in the long run.