How can you Prepare E-Juice?

The vaping community is not only about personalization and individuality but also about the great choices and taste. It is doesn’t matter you are new to vaping or not, eventually you will feel like getting a flavor in it. You might also feel like making something that is as good as that.

Finding out the vape that you will enjoy is quite tough. As a matter of fact finding out the vape that you require can be next to impossible. Making nicotine e liquid is mostly similar to making your favorite most cookies. The first thing that you will need is the list of the ingredients, some instructions to make it and some basic equipment. After this you begin experimenting and you will be able to create the vapor that you prefer. You will also be able to save money if you are able to develop your own vape.


Different Types of Ingredients

Dilute Nicotine: You will be in need of some dilute nicotine. You should keep in mind that nicotine has a flavor of its own. Thus, your recipe might have a different taste if it has higher dose of nicotine. You should make sure that you buy nicotine that has been diluted with VG. Industries are known to use 100 mg/mL of diluted nicotine. This is because it makes it convenient to get the strength per volume in a much easier way. Making use of small amount of 100 mg/mL is enough. This also gives more flexibility to the diluted issue. Nonetheless, you should know when nicotine is present in high concentration it becomes very harmful if it comes in contact with the skin.

PG and VG:

You will also require some vegetable glycerin or propylene glycol. This is primarily referred to as VG or PG.  You will find that flavorings and nicotine is mostly concentrated and this is requirement for it to be diluted. This will give you a very favorable vaping experience. Thus, VG and Pg is used as the carrier fluid or the base and that makes up the maximum of the volume of the formula. However, you need to experiment with the various ratios of these two compounds.

  • VG is sweeter and viscous than PG. Higher ratio of this in the e-juice can take a while to be soaked in the cotton wick. This can also alter the way in which the flavor tastes.
  • PG on the other hand is an organic material that is used in food at a large extent in tobacco, food and materials of personal care. This does not change the flavor of the product as much as VG. This is also capable of giving a strong throat hit.


The last thing that you would require is flavor. You can collect flavor from a wide number of sources. The flavors of the e-juice are known to offer a taste experience that you won’t be getting anywhere else. This is because the flavors have been designed in particular manner to for the purpose of inhalation. They are tested very thoroughly with the help of diacetyl and acetyl propionyl so that it is able to provide the safest vape.