Tips for Getting Bigger Vapour Clouds With Your E-Cig

Vaping enthusiasts are fond of trying to get a bigger vape cloud. These people who are constantly in search of the biggest possible vape clouds are known as cloud chasers. It has become a rather popular trend these days. Like other vaping techniques, it is possibly to modify the e-cigarette or the e-liquid to get a bigger cloud.

However, such activities should not be performed by people who do not know about them. A mistake can be quite dangerous. One of the most common methods to get a bigger vape cloud is by sub-ohm vaping. Sub-ohm vaping involves modifying the battery and pushing it to its very limits. It can also cause the battery to overheat and melt. In some cases, it can explode. Inexperienced people should never try to alter the resistance level of the battery. Even experienced people have difficulty doing so.

eliquid for ecigarettes

The good thing is that sub-ohm is not the only method to ensure a bigger vape cloud. There are other alternatives that are much safer than sub-ohm vaping. Here are a few of them.

A Higher VG Ratio

If you want to increase the production of vapour, you can consider customising your e-liquid by adding a more vegetable glycerine. PG is used to make the throat hit stronger. On the other hand, VG is better at capturing moisture from the air and thereby creating larger vapour clouds. An increase in the VG content will lead to an increase in the size of the cloud.

However, the problem with vegetable glycerine is that it can reduce the strength of the flavours. As such, you may have to choose between a bigger vapour cloud and stronger flavour.

Lower Ohm Coils

Another method is by using an e-cig that has a coil with lower ohms. As they have lower ohms, these coils have a lower resistance. This allows the coil to get hotter in a shorter period of time. In turn, the device will burn through the e cigarette liquid faster. As a result, you will get a bigger vapour cloud.

Be that as it may, this process has a major disadvantage. You will be running out of e-liquid faster as more is burned with each vape. You may have to consider other methods if you need to stick to a budget.

Lower Nicotine Strengths and Direct Pulling

Direct pulling improves the control you have over the vapour output. When are breathing in to your lungs, inhale from the e-cig directly at the same time. This is direct pulling and it will allow you to inhale a greater amount of vapour. When you exhale, a bigger amount of vapour will be released leading to a bigger cloud.

Do not try direct pulling if the nicotine content in the e-juice is too strong. Direct pulling such a combination can be harsh on your throat and lungs. It can even case a sensation of burning. You should try and decrease the strength of the nicotine to 1% or less before direct pulling.

Getting a bigger vape cloud can be exciting. However, you should not risk your safety for it.