Why Does Sore Throat and Coughing Occur When Vaping and Tips for Getting Rid Of It

Many people shift to e-cigarettes and vaping because they are supposed to be a better alternative to regular cigarettes. However, it is possible that you start to experience a sore throat and coughing. This can certainly be irritating and is quite common among people who have recently started vaping.

The good thing is that these symptoms can be easily prevented. The solutions are pretty easy as well. Most of them involve minor tweaks. Of course, you need to know why these symptoms have arisen before you can do something about them. Here are a few common causes of such symptoms as well their corresponding solutions.

The Strength of the Nicotine

If the sore throat and coughing is accompanied by a feeling of nausea or light-headedness, then the cause is typically the nicotine strength. Too much of nicotine e juice Australia can cause the body to react in this manner. E-juices come in varying nicotine strengths. The strength of nicotine is defined the concentration of nicotine in the liquid and is represented as a percentage. The weakest e-juices contain as little as less than 1% nicotine.

If you find that the nicotine strength is too high, you need to reduce it. Diluting the e-juice is one option. Alternatively, you may start using a different blend with a lower nicotine strength.

Throat Hit

Propylene Glycol is a common ingredient in e-liquids. This ingredient is responsible for the throat hit which is desirable for many vapers. Be that as it may, PG can also dry out the throat and make it feel scratchy, especially if you are not used to the feeling. Additionally, it is also possible for users to be allergic to the substance. In the latter case, you should use e-liquids that contain vegetable glycerine instead.

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The Frequency of Vaping

This can be another reason why you are suffering from a sore throat and cough. The fact is that e-cigs are designed to resemble real cigarettes and there are e-liquids that taste like the real thing. Be that as it may, you should not vape as much as you had smoked. Of course, it is all about preferences. However, you may want to consider reducing the frequency of your vaping if you are suffering from the above symptoms.

The Style of Vaping

It is important to remember that there is a significant difference between inhaling vapour and inhaling the smoke of a regular cigarette. If you try and inhale the vapour from an e-cigarette just like you would with a regular cigarette, you may end up experiencing a burning or a tingling sensation in your lungs or at the back of your throat. On the other hand, smaller puffs may not give you the satisfaction. The best puff for an e-cig is slow as well as measured up to 3 seconds.


With e-cigs, there is no smoke. However, with vaping, you are exhaling water vapour. Additionally, the VG and PG ingredients tend to absorb moisture. As such, you need to remain hydrated to prevent your throat and mouth from drying out due to the ingredients.