The Right Puffing and Inhaling Techniques for E-Cigs

Electronic cigarettes are designed to look as if they are a real cigarette. In fact, there are e-cigs which impart the feel of traditional smoking in nearly every way. However, there happens to be a major difference in the inhaling techniques between a regular cigarette and an electronic one.

It is important that you learn the skills and techniques of inhaling with an e-cig. This will allow you to get the best vaping experience possible.

Things That You Should Not Do

By knowing what you should not do, you can bring about improvements to your vaping experience. One of the first things that you need to learn not to do is taking quick and short drags. While this is a common technique for traditional cigarettes, this should never be used in an e-cig. These devices are designed to be used in such a way. As such, using this technique will ruin the experience. It is possible for the e-liquid to leak into your mouth if you use this technique.

E-cigs are not meant for chain smoking. Always take a break after taking around 5 to 7 draws or puffs. Ensure that there is a gap of at least a few minutes between each session. This prevents the device from overheating. Additionally, a prolonged continuous use of e-cigs can lead to irritation and a sore throat. It is also possible for the taste buds in your tongue to suffer a burnout.

The Proper Inhaling Technique for E-Cig

These are the steps you need to follow so that you can inhale e-cig vapour properly.

  • e liquidsWhen you are inhaling on the e-cig, the draw should be slow and steady till your mouth is filled with the vapour. It is not necessary for you to inhale the vapour into your lungs directly, which is a technique commonly used for smoking a traditional cigarette. You can get the desired effect without a direct inhale.
  • After drawing the vapour and getting it inside your mouth, you should hold it for around 3 to 5 seconds before you inhale the vapour into your lungs. Instead of inhaling it, you may even exhale it through your mouth. The nicotine produced by regular cigarettes can only be absorbed by the body via the lungs. However, in the case of e-cigs, the nicotine can be absorbed by the mucus membranes.
  • The waiting period for a hit is different for e-cig. For a regular cigarette, a smoker needs to wait for around 8 seconds before the hit can be felt. This is not the case with e-cigs as it takes nearly 30 seconds before you can feel the hit. This is because the nicotine absorption will take place through the mucus membranes in the case of e-cigs.

Try a Primer Puff

There are many e-cig users who prefer using a primer puff. This warms up the atomizer readying it for vaping. A primer puff is performed with a quick inhale. There is no intention of vaping or pulling the vapour with this puff. The only reason is to get the coil heated up. Albeit unnecessary, you may try it out.