How does an E-Cigarette Work?

Do you smoke? Then you must have come across the new kind of cigarettes called the e-cigarettes. You might have even tried using it. These are smokeless cigarettes and are alternative way by which you consume nicotine. These are often designed to look like the regular cigarettes. However, unlike regular cigarettes they do not contain the tobacco.

E-juice is a device that is powered by a battery. The device converts the nicotine in a vapour or mist that you inhale. There is no trace of fire, smoky smell or no ash. The device does not contain all sorts of harmful chemicals like tar and carbon monoxide that are generally associated with smoking regular cigarettes.

This is a better option than all the tobacco cigarettes. This is because the regular ones are to known to cause millions of death each and every year. People who have used e-cigarettes have said that this help them to reduce the smokers cough that they suffer from. In fact it has also sharpened the sense of their smell and taste and helped in the improvement of their sleep.

How does E-Juice Work?

nicotine e liquidWhen you light a traditional cigarette, the tobacco inside it is burned and you release the smoke that contains nicotine in it. You then breathe in the nicotine that gets delivered to your lungs. Nonetheless, vapes do not depend on this combustion process and heat up the nicotine e liquid Australia and changes it into mist or vapour that is you inhale. You can begin smoking from the cartridge to start off with the vaporisation process although some devices are known to contain the manual switch that helps in the activation of the vaporiser that is placed inside of it.

There are three main parts in a vape:

  • Lithium battery that is rechargeable
  • A vaporizing chamber
  • And a cartridge

The lithium battery is used to power the vape. This is a rechargeable battery that can be charged with the help of a charger. This battery is then connected over to the vaporisation chamber.

e liquidsThe vaporisation chamber is primarily a hollow tube that has electronic controls and also an atomizer. The atomizer is the component that is known to create the vapor. Prior to using the device you have to attach the cartridge that contains the nicotine liquid with the vaporization chamber. The tip of the cartridge then serves as the mouthpiece of the vape.

You inhale the way you do with normal cigarettes. When you inhale the atomizer is activated and it heats up the liquid that is there inside the cartridge and then the liquid is converted into vapour. When the vapour is exhaled out it looks like the smoke of the cigarette. People who smoke e-juice have mentioned that it gives the same sensation as smoking a tobacco cigarette. Some of them even have a diode that emits light when you inhale and stimulates a flame. This is an artificial flame which is safe enough when the vape is being used. The liquid that is filled in the cartridges is generally propylene glycol which is an additive approved by the FDA. You can also buy cartridges that have no nicotine content at all.