Tips for vaping on the go

Enjoying your e-cigarette at home is a great past time, but not all vapers will limit their e-cig use to the privacy of their own home or backyard – sometimes it’s necessary to blow some clouds at work, or when travelling, or during a long car trip. E-cigarettes are small devices, with a few finicky parts so carrying them around can be a bit of a concern for some people –so how do you carry your equipment around with you when you’re on the move, without worrying about damaging it or losing anything on the way?

vaping e-liquid

A lot of people will end up using a protective carry case that will keep equipment easily accessible and within reach, usually on their person, so that they can pull out their e-cig even when on the move. Getting your ‘on-the-go’ solution sorted as a vaper is important, inadequate arrangements might mean that your e-liquid leaks all over your bag, or breaks whilst you’re moving around. Luckily, there’s a lot of different carry solutions out there to suit most people and preferences that will keep your equipment safe and make travelling convenient.

Read on below for our thoughts on the best way to get around with your e-cigarette device and accessories.

The back pocket carrier

This is the most low-key way of getting around with your e-cigarette. A lot of vapers will simply tuck their e-cigarette into their back pocket or jacket pocket and get on with their day, stopping to take a few puffs when the mood strikes them. This isn’t really the best solution for a lot of people for a number of reasons; firstly, you definitely need big pockets if you want to do this, the kind of pockets that aren’t often found on most women’s jeans. Secondly, if you’re going to be sitting then you’ll be facing some interesting issues, like possible leaking issues, accidental breakages and button pressing with your butt.

If you know you’re going to be on the move, and not stopping to sit on the way then this is probably the simplest way to carry your e-cig around, but it won’t be ideal for most people.

The bag carry

If you carry a purse or a laptop bag on a regular basis then it might make sense to carry your e-cig around in there. The problem is that having your equipment rattle around at the bottom of your bag can sometimes end it tears, when you discover that everything in your bag has been coated in e-liquid or that your beloved e-cig device is no longer functional. Carrying around your equipment in your bag can be an easy solution, but you might want to ensure that your device is wrapped in something and kept upright, to avoid leakages or damage.

Neck lanyard

Another way of carrying your e-cig device is around your neck. A lot of devices actually come with a loop so that you can string a lanyard through it and carry it around. This is a great on the go solution, ensuring your e-cig is within easy reach and not knocking into other items in your bag or at risk of getting damaged in your pocket. If you want to conceal it, just put it under your shirt or jacket.

Belt pouch carry

If you’d prefer to not have your e-cig hanging from your neck or shoved in your pocket then consider purchasing a protective pouch or carry case, there are some out there that will clip into your belt and they come in a range of styles and colours to suit your outfit.